Clothing And Laundry Tax Deductions

Claiming Your Clothing And Laundry Tax Deductions

If you, like many Australian’s wear a dedicated work uniform, you may be eligible to claim expenses for the cost of cleaning and repairing those clothing items in your tax return. Laundry tax covers dry-cleaning services AND at home laundry washes as well. To make legitimate laundry tax deduction claims over $150, you will need to keep records of your washing activities for the deductions to be accurate.

Uniforms include protective clothing, occupation-specific clothing and clothing with a company logo.

If you are in a workplace whereby your work dress code includes general office wear or black clothing, these items cannot be claimed. Any clothing that does not have a company logo and has the potential to be worn outside of work, the cost is no an accurate tax deduction.

The most popular method of calculating your Laundry costs is the “per load” method. We recommend that you keep accurate records of the type of clothes in each wash AND the number of time your clothes were washed throughout the financial year.

In saying all this, Laundry and clothing tax can be quite confusing to understand. If you need any assistance or have any questions, we recommend speaking to one of our skillful tax agents. Contact the team at Tax Return today!