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How It Works

If you’re ready to get your tax return started with us, below you will find a step by step guide as to what you will need and each stage of the process.

Our software has been purpose-built to make the whole journey as simple as possible, which means it’s faster for you to do it with less stress!

Your Journey starts here:

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Step 1 - registration


Simply sign up and register your account today!

Once you have created an account you will get an email to activate your account.

Begin Your Tax Return

Once you have activated your account, select the tax year you would like to complete and begin your tax return.
You can complete multiple years at once, save incomplete tax returns and ask any queries you have through our easy online portal.
Step 2 - start your return
Step 3 - add your personal details

Complete Your Details

Handy Hint: Use the question marks above each section to get help when completing your tax return. If you need further assistance, contact our team and we’ll happily assist you.

The first step when completing your tax return is to fill out any information we did not collect when you registered your account.

Add Your Income

On the next screen, you will have the opportunity to add all your income for the financial year. Please ensure that you include your income from all sources.

If you cannot locate some of your income details, leave a comment for us in step 8 and we will help you obtain the information.

Click here to download our Tax Return Checklist

Step 4 - add your income
Step 5 add your deductions

Add Your Deductions

This is where we maximise your refund!

Simply add all of your deductions for the financial year and watch your tax refund grow. If you are unsure if you are able to claim a certain deduction, please add it in step 8 and our accountants will determine whether it’s a valid tax deduction.

Please ensure that you have all the receipts for the deductions that you have entered.

Click here to download our Tax Return Checklist

Add Additional Offsets

If any additional tax offsets apply to you, please add the details here. If there are none, you can skip this step.

Step 6 - tax offsets
Step 7 - add private health and spouse

Add Private Health Insurance

If you have private health insurance you should have received a statement at the end of the financial year from your insurance provider. Please add the details of your policy in appropriate areas.

Upload Your Documents

If you are a first-time user, it is a mandatory that you provide us with proof of ID. Please upload a screen shot of your driver’s licence or passport so we can properly identify you.

In this step you can also upload documents that relate to your income or tax deductions. If you are unsure if any items need to be included, please upload them and leave a comment for us in the comments section.

Step 8 - upload your documents
Step 9 - approve and send

Approve & Send

Your tax return is now complete!

Approve and sign your tax return and let us get to work.

We will confirm the price of your tax return and send you various payment options once you have approved the return. Our fee-from-refund service, if you select this option, means that you will pay $0 upfront!

We will take it from here!

Ready to do your return in under 10 minutes?