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If you’re ready to get your tax return started with us, below you will find a step by step guide as to what you will need and each stage of the process.

Our software has been purpose-built to make the whole journey as simple as possible, which means it’s faster for you to do it with less stress!

Your Journey starts here:

Get started

Get Started


Its simple, all you have to do is fill in your information on our website form and we will start working on your tax!

Check Your Email


From here you will get a Welcome Email from us detailing exactly how we work.

Check your email
Get your estimate

Get Your Estimate


Our team of accountants will start working on your return straight away but usually, we will send you a refund estimate within 1 hour. Don’t worry, the first refund estimate usually gets much better once our accounting team has finished working their magic!

We Get In Touch


One of our accountants will be in touch with you to ask you some tax specific questions and request any tax receipts for deductions you may have.

We get in touch
Final checks

Final Checks


Once the accountant is happy with your Tax Return, they will send through a final draft and refund estimate.



If you are happy, you just need to choose how you want to pay for your return:
a. Starting at $79 for upfront payments
b. Or use our fee from refund service and we will deduct our fee from your refund. This service has an additional charge of $29.

Signed & Sealed

Signed & Sealed


Our team will send through an electronic copy of your tax return for digital signing, once signed we will lodge and your refund won’t be too far away!

Get Your Tax Return!


Your tax is now complete, and your refund will hit your bank account within 10 working days, how good! Sit back and relax knowing you just sorted your taxes with a few clicks.

Get your tax return