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Doing taxes is not everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes it can get hectic especially when you need to make some calculations to determine your tax liability or tax refunds. You may need some assistance to navigate all that.

The use of tax claim tools as well as tax deduction tools may be necessary for those doing their own tax returns. Such tools help you save time by making the processes simple. The tools only require you to enter specific information, with necessary pointers as to the information needed in each section.

At, we have a set of tax tools that you can use to ease your burden. The tools include the tax calculator, the income tax return calculator, and the industry tax checklist.

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Income Tax Calculator

As a taxpayer, you want to know your tax liability before you go about paying your taxes. No one wants to overpay his or her taxes. However, not everyone has the understanding of taxes to do their own tax calculations. Often, an effective tool to calculate your tax liability is necessary. A tax calculator is a simple tool that offers a simple solution to calculating your taxes. It has sections where you enter the necessary information as it automatically calculates your taxes.

The tax calculator will help you work out how much tax you need to pay on your income. All you need is to select the income year and then enter your residency status and the income details pertaining to the year. You can have estimates for your take-home income within second when using this useful tool.

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Tax Return Calculator

As a taxpayer, you are likely to wonder how tax deductions and rebates affect your tax refunds. A tool that is able to assist taxpayers estimate tax refunds based on their tax returns, taking into consideration government tax cuts and rebates can be very helpful. A tax return calculator will help ease your worries and allow you determine your tax refund estimates in a few minutes. With the right information, you will have an accurate estimate within a short time.

Our tax return calculator uses the income information along with other details from ATO to estimate your tax refund. It simplifies and makes the process of estimating tax refunds from tax returns fast. Based on the information you enter, the calculator will give you an estimate that is accurate to the cent. As you enter more details, it will update your estimate, showing you how each deduction affects your tax refund.

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Industry Tax Checklist

Some industries require more expenses claims than others, which is why we want to help you receive the maximum tax return possible. We have created a range of guides for specific industries, to help you know what you can claim back.

At times you can forget about certain claims that seem small, but eventually they all add up to big claims, which could help you financially in the long term.

Whether it’s for uniforms, travel, tools or equipment, we have broken it down by specific jobs and industries. Check out our huge range of tax checklists for industries.

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