Claiming Phone and Internet Expenses

Claiming Mobile Phone, Internet and Home Phone Expenses

As technology has evolved, our reliance on our mobile devices has increased ten fold. If you use your personal mobile or home phone for work purposes, you may be eligible to claim your work-related calls as a tax deduction.

If your personal phone is used for both work and personal use, you are only eligble to claim the work-related portion.

Authenticating Your Claims

If you wish to claim work-related calls and use of your mobile phone, you will need to provide evidence to make a claim. Evidence will include phone or internet bills (itemised or non-itemised).  Written proof that your employer expects you to work at home or make work-related calls will also help to support your claims.

The best way to work out your claim amount is to record a representative four week period over the financial year. You will keep record of the portion of work-related calls out of total calls and calculate this portion as a percentage. You can then multiply this four-week representative period by how many months of the year you worked to calculate the total claimable amount.

EXAMPLE: Gina has a $90 per month phone Bill. The bill states he made a total of 120 calls over the month. out of the 120 calls, 72 of those calls were work-related. The calculation for this is (72 / 120 = 60%), this outlines that 60% of the total cost of the bill is a claimable expense. Therefore, (60% x $90 per month x 11 months = $594).


You may only claim your work-related portion of personal phone use. You cannot make a claim for any personal phone calls or personal internet usage. You are also unable to make a claim for work-related calls on your personal mobile if your employer has already reimbursed you for the cost of these.


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